A Beginning

Welcome to a beginning! I am Briana, a stay-rarely-at-home mother to three amazing children. I am on a journey of personal discovery and attempting to reduce my family’s carbon footprint. I have a background in environmental science, and over 11 years of parenting experience. Ideally, I would have launched this blog on Earth Day however, had a sick child and life did not proceed according to plan.

Through this website/blog, I hope to inspire others to join me on a journey to a greener lifestyle. There are so many small steps that we can conglomerate together to make a big difference in our carbon outputs. Hence my motto: small steps to big change.

Today I am doing the laundry. I have hung three loads on the line since 10:00 this morning. This is saving my dryer and electric bill, thereby decreasing my carbon footprint. Here’s some supporting math: my dryer runs 55 minutes per load. Multiply times 3 loads. I just saved 165 minutes of electricity and dryer wear.

Here is a photo of my line drying set up. Because blogs are more exciting with photos.

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