Grocery Store Freak Out!

In my grocery questing, today I visited a large chain in our area which also happens to be my closest grocery store. I needed deli turkey and took a Pyrex glass container (with a lid) to use instead of the plastic bags typically used at the deli counter. Another person was waiting to be helped ahead of me, so I checked with her before beckoning to the deli employee to assist me with my purchase. He came over, and I presented my glass container and asked him to fill it with one pound of sliced turkey. I wish I had a photo of the expression on his face! It was a classic Shaggy-from-Scooby Doo “huh?” look. He honestly did not know what to do with the container. I described to him how to tare a scale and to place the turkey in it sans plastic. The other employee (who was helping the nice lady next to me with her cheese) had to step in and help the poor dude out. He continued to be confused until I produced the lid, because he “can’t sell it without a cover”. After he weighed out my purchase, he said that he would have to check with the manager for how to handle it in the future. I had a good chuckle and interaction with the lady next to me and went on my way.

The employee at the check stand had no such issue. The sticker showed the proper item and price, and she scanned it without a problem.

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