Greening up travel

I’ve struggled with how to share on this topic for the last week. I love to travel!

Airplane travel is the WORST way to move people in terms of carbon emissions. Just one mile of air travel generate 53 pounds of carbon dioxide!

Here is a link to a New York Times article about how to reduce your carbon footprint with regard to air travel:

It is disheartening that I have no viable alternative to allow me to travel great distances for such amazing life experiences. 2019 has been an especially travel-tastic year so far, and more adventures by air are in store for my family.

Using public transportation when/where available is huge. I live in rural area, but some friends managed to come spend the night with us recently, with their three children – AND THEY DIDN’T BRING THEIR CAR!!  We live on a peninsula, which is serviced by the Washington State Ferry system. My friends left their car in Edmonds, walked on the ferry, got off in Kingston, and took a shuttle bus to the end of my street. It was a momentous trip, as the shuttle bus is a new service to our relatively uninhabited burg (3500 people in my zip code).

Even though I drive a car for my primary mode of people moving, there is a lot of thinking and planning that goes into my daily travel.

Planning your daily trips and grouping errands is another great way to reduce your impact.  I rarely make one stop when doing an outing. Even dropping my kids at school in the morning can be a multiple-stop adventure for me. One parent at our school is making real changes in his commute. He bikes his children to school, using a Rad Wagon Power Bike (Link Here: He carries two kids more than 5 miles each way on this machine.

I drive an economic (~25 mpg) gas using sedan for my daily needs. I really want to get a 7-passenger electric SUV. But the market is not cooperating with my wants just yet. The Tesla X is the closest thing, and it’s base price is $88k. So I’m going drive my car another year to wait and see what other manufacturers come up with.

How do you travel more lightly?

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