Product Review- something I bought and used and liked.

I bought something really cool recently, it’s called a Dream Cloth. I got it from, with my toilet paper subscription. I buy toilet paper there about every three months, starting with the great TP shortage of March 2020. Anyway, they had a new product called a Dream Cloth. The packaging states, “A sponge and a paper towel had a dreamy Swedish cloth baby.” I was skeptical about how wonderful this would be, but I am in LOVE. These little workhorses do so much more than my regular dishcloths. They are more absorbent, don’t cling to odors, and wring out like little champions.

I am not compensated for writing this opinion, however, if you do want to subscribe to TP from, I can receive a discount on my next purchase, and so can you! Use this link for your discount.

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